Moxy Hart – "Boxlight 9″

by Cindy Paul

While Moxy Hart himself calls words "mere utterances, black on white" and lays claim to seeing his world in "big, bold, bright, fantastic technicolor," a good portion of his extensive online collection here is in black and white or monochromes. Nevertheless, they, along with his oil paintings and other pieces, display a rare facility and deep skill in whatever material he chooses to work with. This applies equally to all his work, whether it’s a simple charcoal sketch such as "Oatmeal Nude 18," or a large oil on canvas, such as "Ask." Hart’s preferred subject is the nude male form, and he has done many wonderfully wrought studies, which are included in this gallery.

Hart’s pictures run the gamut in price tags, from truly affordable charcoal sketches, such as "Oatmeal Nude 22" to the truly impressive "Lars in 3," an oil measuring 39″ by 39″. To get a good idea of Hart’s devotion to the photo-realistic portrayal of the human body, see "Leg & Thigh Diptych," a mixed-media oil painting in two parts, and one of his best efforts.

"Boxlight 9" is one of a few laser-cut perspex creations in this grouping that occupy the lower range of prices. It depicts six black silhouettes of figures wearing cowboy hats, all standing in front of an enormous sunset. This interesting piece is a departure from Hart’s two-dimensional norm. True to its name, it’s a box with a light in it that shows through the perspex figures, illuminating them.