Raymond Andrews – "The Protecting Hands"

by Cindy Paul

Raymond Andrews was born in London and studied at the Technical College there. An unusual artist, Andrews works exclusively on wood panels or incised wood in oil. He has achieved a great deal of success in his chosen artistic niche, and for good reason. His work is, above all, unique, but also beautifully executed by an artist with a gift, a passion, and superb technique.

His choice of subject material is likewise individualistic, and one can spot his style easily therefore. Graphic or illustrative in the main, it incorporates symbolic and mythological figures for the most part as its subjects, although a few pieces, such as "Between Heaven and Earth" depart from the norm into a more painterly realm.

All of Andrews’ pieces are quite appealing, and "The Protecting Hands" could be considered a fitting showpiece for his online collection. This is a striking, high-contrast painting on incised board, created with gold leaf and oil paints. It is symbolic in nature, and decorative, with a deep indigo background that sets off dozens of geometrical shapes in lovely blues, greens, and golds. A symbolic tower is placed in the center of the painting, and shapes such as blue wings with bold, graphic textures surround it. On the top and the bottom of the tower are green bird-like figures and at its base are two open hands, in gold leaf.

To create stunning, evocative works such as Andrews’, one must have a firm grasp on what works and what does not in composition, contrast, and style.