Susanna Swart – "Object of Desire"

by Cindy Paul

Well-represented in private and public collections across the planet, Susanna Swart is a technically gifted, interesting artist. "The mystical African landscape, its people and spirituality, heavily influence my work," she writes in her online profile.

"Object of Desire" is a striking bronze sculpture depicting a single female foot. The tips of the toes rest delicately on its presentation platform, and the rest of the foot is raised above them, as if the owner is running, dancing, or simply stretching upward.

What makes this piece so interesting is the relief design which covers its entire surface. Swart says that the relief work is inspired by the ornate decoration used in traditional Mendhi art. This refers to the beautiful henna decorations generally used by Hindu artists to cover the hands and the fingers in Hindu folkart.

"Object of Desire" is an inspiring sculpture that carries a generous, low price tag. The artist calls the work a "foot portrait" and offers similar portraits. She obviously has found a unique niche, one that taps the interest of foot-lovers everywhere.