Terry ann Kalinko – "Jacarandas"

by Cindy Paul

Terry Ann Kalinko is an artist with a strikingly beautiful voice. Her work, all oil paintings, ranges from deliciously lovely and attractive, such as is the case with "Cape Blush 2," a lavish, irresistible landscape, to hard-hitting, such as "The Artist," a remarkable study in bold outlines and the contrasting shapes of canvases inside an art studio, with the painter in the foreground. Many of her pictures are enveloped in abstract, wide-swathed geometric shapes that add a great deal of dimension, depth, texture and interest to the work. A good example of this unusual and courageous technique can be seen in "Portrait Woman in Prayer."

One of Kalinko’s most undeniably gorgeous paintings is simply called "Jacarandas." This picture rivals the old masters of impressionism in its musical rhythm, richly sumptuous palette, and pleasing composition. An expressive depiction of a road lined on both sides with jacarandas in full bloom, its colors are necessarily shades of lavender, purple, and gold, with a blue sky in the far background. Jacaranda blossoms cover the ground as well as the tree branches and fall from the sky. Everything is pictured in boldly outlined, high-contrast curves, lending the entire painting a vibrant movement that is alive and impactful. This painting shows the artist in her best light, and it is impressive indeed.

"Ballet Talk" is a charming oil and another consummate example of Kalinko’s talent. She portrays two dancers in full ballet dress, chatting with one another as they relax. This is a very contemporary work of modern art from Kalinko, deservedly unafraid in her surety of hand and skill.