Theo Paul Vorster – "Under Siege"

by Cindy Paul

Theo Paul Vorster is essentially a graphic artist who enjoys producing prints, woodcarvings, drawings, pastels, and watercolors. He possesses a B.A. in graphic arts from the University of Stellenbosch, with an emphasis on the art of printmaking. All his pictures are heavily influenced by this graphic arts background. Many of his pictures, such as the linoprint called "Wishing Well," depict realistic subjects in a highly illustrative manner. Some are dreamlike fantasies, as is the case in "Loss" and "Playful." A few are out-and-out surrealistic pictures, such as "Acceptance," a somewhat unsettling picture of a boy flying, Chagall-like, in the air toward an open window, coming out of the confines of a large wooden closet, also flying.

"Under Siege" is an interesting example of Vorster’s graphic offerings. This linoprint is beautifully executed and one of the artist’s most successful. It pictures a man with his head in the clouds, up in the blue-blue sky. A pilot’s goggles and headgear cover most of the man’s face, and visions of crisp white paper airplanes swirl around him attractively. This picture has a very high-contrast, very illustrative appeal, using stark black for the man’s upper torso and a nice rust for the headgear.

While Vorster’s pictures are all fascinating, one of the most interesting things about his work has to do not with the work itself, but with the artist’s method of pricing. Each and every piece in this online collection carries the same affordable price tag.