Zonika Botha – "Confusion" and "Broken Moon"

by Cindy Paul

Zonika Botha is a self-taught artist with a pronounced preference for the abstract. Working in both oils and acrylics on canvas, she produces colorful, modern pieces that are attractive, graphic and often thought-provoking. "Pulse" falls into the latter category, a successful attempt to portray the pulse of a beating heart in an abstract work on canvas. "Lost Soul" is another though-provoking piece, depicting a small, mostly abstract human figure at the end of a tunnel made, presumably, of tree trunks. There is light at the end of the tunnel and all around the "lost" soul.

"Confusion" is a strictly abstract work, an acrylic on stretched canvas measuring 24″ wide by 16″ high and divided into two pieces. In the center is a cross-like shape, decorated by various geometric figures and a large diagonal ray running through them. The heavily textured background is likewise comprised of geometric shapes, from circles to lines to rectangles. Bold lines range from subtle colors to stark white and black. The entire effect is completely pleasing and, unlike the title, "Confusion," very well-balanced.

"Broken Moon" is another favorite in this artist’s online grouping. Another strictly abstract work, it employs geometric figures in shades of white on a dark background that graduates from dark reds to teal blue. Several shapes that could be moons are sprinkled throughout the canvas in a visually appealing composition. Some of them are full-moon circles, and others are "broken"in half. Like "Confusion," this is altogether an interesting work of art.