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Naomi Faith Boyce – Hiroshima

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Boyce’s Hiroshima is an evocative work and one about which it is hard to write as it speaks volumes for itself. A child, apparently unscathed, sits amid desolation. Our minds, familiar with the context, extrapolate the scene beyond the edges of the small canvas. The story is well known, the situation in which the child finds itself is in no doubt and the effect this has on the viewer is quite impactful. We can concern ourself with the image without having to ponder any greater question or the motives of the artist. It simply is. Like a seedpod amond the charred, scorched and smoking remains of a burned field, the child is crying yet there is a tangible hope in the work. Life persists, that which does not destroy us makes us stronger. The world has a lesson, the learning of which may just avert future calamity, pain and heartache.