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Sonja Margerison – "friendship"

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

The theme is a love of flowers; their beauty, emotions and exuberant life flow.  Artist, Sonja Margerison expresses her appreciation for beautiful blossoms by depicting them in the majority of her paintings. While she also creates impressive seascapes, landscapes and beach scenes, flowers appear to be the dominating force of her work.

In her inspiring painting, ‘friendship”, Margerison reveals a heart-warming expression of the individual similarities and differences that compliment the strong bond between lasting friends. While the left half of this bouquet is longer with sharper features, the right side is shorter and fuller with more muted details. The two sides, or friends, are similar with many common interests; however, they are also distinctly different. They each bring their own valuable attributes to the relationship, and that is what makes it so special. There are enough commonalities to create an attraction, but the fascinating differences make each half of this bouquet a spray of its own. Separate, they are astounding; and together they are magnificent.

Sonja’s admiration for vibrant flora exudes an attitude of hope, strength and prosperity. In good times and bad, the delicate blossoms persevere and continue to show their face with a promise of beauty and good things to come. Stop by Sonja Margerison’s web page for a glorious display.

Gerard Kortenbout – "Campfire" and So Much More!

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

The work of Gerard Kortenbout is highly inspired by the people and traditions of South Africa. As he watches both the land and inhabitants of this area changing before his eyes, his goal is to capture their character and tribal traditions in his paintings. Gerard’s work is diversified, encapsulating various nuances of this beautiful culture. “Campfire” seeks to give honor to the age old custom of an evening outdoors around a glowing fire. The sights and sounds of a quiet evening spent with friends and the pure calm of nature highlight the gorgeous background and setting sun.

Kortenbout’s portraits typically characterize specific individuals in their native dress, while savoring the unique personality of each. “A. Isaac” depicts an older man with an inviting face of contentment and wisdom, while “Anti Women Abuse” makes a strong statement in support of the many faceless women.

This artist brings attention to many animals of the wild in paintings like “Elephants at Play” and “Giraffe in the Mist”. He preserves the remarkable landscape through a range of interpretations in “Newmouth Richards Bay with Causerina Tree”, the colorful “Fever Trees Sunset” and the lovely “Forest Path”.  His depiction of a “Fishermans Cottage” is just as captivating as his “Palace ofJjustice – PTA”.

Gerard Kortenbout does a beautiful job of savoring the culture, people, land and wildlife of South Africa. Take the time to study his diverse work to gain an appreciation of his art’s aspiration.

Leon de Bliquy – a true South African talent.

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Leon de Bliquy mentions in the very first sentence of his biography that he has, from an early age, seen the world through "blunted sight." But, curiously looking through his works, it would seem that "blunted" as his sight might be, his perception of the world carries with it a startling accuracy in terms of emotion.

You can see this most strikingly in works like Missing: Tsitsikamma magic, where, with the bold use of color – combined with an ethereal, painterly blurring of edges – the artist conjured a piece that might have appeared in someone else’s mind as a beautiful memory. Many of us can recall a hot, solitary moment in a summer’s day when we’ve been able to sit in a secluded place and simply take in the colors and objects around us: this same feeling is captured in a de Bliquy painting.

Looking a little more at Missing: Tsitsikamma magic, you are able to see a whole host of magical elements: we have feathers; beads; cords of what can only be silver; bubbles; flowing hair; rings and the suggestion of movement all over the canvas. This is so often seen in a de Bliquy – this suggestion of movement, everywhere. The hint of a host of ethereal figures dancing around against a mysterious purple sky only serves to deepen the intrigue of the painting as a whole.

All in all, Leon de Bliquy is an wonderful artist you’re be very wise to look carefully at when examining South African art as a whole – especially if you want to purchase a beautiful piece to hang on the wall. With recent works ranging in price from around $90 to around $4500, there’s something in everyone’s price range – and really, what more could one want in one’s sanctuary than a touch of de Bliquy magic?

Zahn Engelbrecht – "Fairy Dreams"

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Zahn Engelbrecht has quite a knack for capturing the innocent fascination as seen through the eyes of a child.  Whether it be a rendering of a young boy enraptured by a lovely butterfly or a girl caught amidst her delightful daydreaming, the joy and happiness shine through. Children with exquisite eyes and supple cheeks are a joy to behold.

Fairy Dreams” is the epitome of friendship as shared by two young girls. Dressed in ruffles and lace, these two are perfectly content as they share their dreams and ideas. The soft pink highlights and golden locks are perfectly set off by the blues and whites of the dreamy clouds they stare into.  Hours upon hours will be spent together establishing a special bond of friendship that can last a lifetime.

Visit Zahn Engelbrecht’s web page for more of her paintings inspired by the joys of life.

Pat Strydom – “Dreamlike”

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Pat Strydom offers a selection of paintings that include the beauty of nature, wildlife and the individualism and traditions of the people of South Africa. Focus is seen on tangible scenes such as beaches, the open market and various capes, along with intangible thoughts and emotions.

Strydom’s “Dreamlike” creates a young woman’s haven in colors of soft pastels. We can assume that she is alone in her bedroom that universally serves as the perfect location to reflect on memories of the past and dreams of things to come. From the soft bed, draping curtains and carefree clothing to the inspiring landscape and mountains outside the broad window, this setting provides a calm and secure environment where she can safely explore her emotions and dreams for her future.

Irises” and “The Iris” are among her vivid paintings of stunning flowers. These and other works by Pat Strydom can be viewed on her homepage.

Doreen Daubermann – "At the End of the Day" and "The Purple Skirt"

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Doreen Daubermann’s determination to work only from Life when creating her lovely paintings, adds an extra sense of realism and character. Whether spending time outside in nature as she creates her depictions, or indoors with a live model, she takes great pains to view the actual subject as she creates.  Her love of the natural world is very evident in her work that often features rolling landscapes, mountains and the sea.

At the End of the Day” is the ideal spot to sit and unwind at the close of a long day. In a comfortable chair under the shade of an old tree, surrounded by the sights and sounds of rushing water, along with the effortless colors of the world is the perfect conclusion. One could easily imagine themselves actually a part of this peaceful scene.

Daubermann also has an obvious love of painting the female body, and whether clothed or nude, they are all thought provoking. When viewing these women, rather than getting the feeling of invading their private space, one is offered the freedom to gain their own interpretation of the emotions and thoughts within. The colors and style portrayed in “The Purple Skirt” evoke optimistic and the freedom to be oneself. The skirt made of purple fabric serves to set off and emphasize the divine young woman at peace with herself. View more of this artist’s paintings by visiting her homepage.

Juliet Greig – “Arums in Blue Vase” and “Jug of Flowers”

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

White Arums – darting this way and that, set against a charming background of greenery and other sedate blooms.  Each Arum blossom acts as an individual busy about its own business; while together, the flowers all somehow work together to create one beautifully synonymous picture. The “Arums in the Blue Vase” by Juliet Greig, are striking and beautiful. Calm lemons in a matching blue bowl lie oblivious to it all; they just don’t see what all the fuss is about. This artist magically summons forth exuberant liveliness in her fantastic floral oil paintings.

Jug of Flowers” – these charming flowers of violet and purple are at the end of a long day spent reaching towards the sun. They have been intent on shining their faces for all to see and bask in their loveliness.  As dusk settles, the blossoms exhaustedly droop downward. They have closed their faces and shut down for the day. They must rest, for tomorrow will soon come, when they must be busy at their jobs once again.

Other paintings by Juliet Grieg include a variety of charming florals, fruit, seascapes and landscapes that are all featured on her homepage.

Thijs Nel – "Shattered Glass in a Landscape"

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Thijs Nel makes extraordinary use of color, lines and vague shapes to create intriguing paintings in oil. Some portray specific items, while others are wide open to individual interpretation.

His broken or shattered glass pictures are inspiring with their randomly placed jagged pieces of colored glass. “Shattered Glass in a Landscape” might, at first glance, appear as a vibrantly hued bouquet with red stems, green leaves and pristine blossoms. If looking from a different angle, one might instead see a village at the end of the road or a fisherman in his boat.

Broken Glass in a Landscape II”, though similar to the previously mentioned painting, is quite different. Is the focus a seated abstract stick-type figure, or maybe animals in the wild? Could it be a tribal dance or the village women washing clothes? The opportunities for interpretation are endless.

One must stop and wonder what the artist envisioned when creating these exquisite paintings. How would that compare to what you see? The beauty in the lines and colors of Nel’s paintings are very pleasing to the eye. Visit his homepage to view his impressive selection.

Theo Kleynhans – "Just When You Think The Universe Is A Cube"

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

The complex mind of Theo Kleynhans overflows into his artistic creations. An intense realization of the constant movement and change within the world inspires his beguiling pieces. His visions of disjointed time and space provide unusual premises that encourage and often puzzle the imagination of the viewer.

Just When You Think The Universe Is A Cube” speaks of the everchanging and astonishing secrets of our universe. Four tidy but intricate cubes offer balance as they are placed in each corner of the picture, while in the center, an extremely complex flower explodes; bringing change, confusion, stimulation and newness. Just when the best scientists of our world gain a supposed mastery of the secrets of the cosmos, it springs forth to be noticed, as it once again reveals and enlightens. The universe eagerly divulges one more small speck of its vast and massive mysteries. Such is life; it is impossible to fit our world and lives into a neat and tidy box. Just as we relax and become comfortable with our square in this world – with an unspeakable determination, that box will explode with freshness and change. It matters not whether we offer our approval. It does not bother to ask our permission.

Kleynhans emphasizes his refusal to be caught in that unrealistic cube, as he uses a number of mediums in his work. They include acrylic ink on paper, acrylics and oils on board or canvas, mixed medias, etchings, laser cut metal and porcelain. Prepare to be fascinated by Theo Kleynhans’ art through the vast collection found on his homepage.

Ulrich Riek – "Handcrafted Leather Bound Book"

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

An understanding of the artist’s perspective quite often enhances an appreciation for their work; as is the case with Ulrich Riek. By finding the intriguing correlation between two distinct and contrary forces in our modern world, we are offered a refreshing interpretation of balance between nature and technology.

The use of mostly recycled and found items to construct his art adds an energizing layer to Riek’s complexity. One will find oils on canvas textured with wood and metals; sculptures from a combination of wood, leather, metals and plastic; shells of copper and metal strips; and even the melding of old eucalyptus trees with metal finishes.

Riek uses a merging of leather with metal details to construct absolutely fantastic “Handcrafted Leather Bound Books” that can be used for receptions, diaries, photo albums and numerous other purposes. They can be structured in various sizes suitable to individual tastes and needs. This particular book makes an impressive presentation due not only to its dimensional cover and hinged binding, but also its notable size with a height of over 700 mm.

Be sure to read Ulrich Riek’s write-up on his homepage as you view his work. You should find the explanation of his use of mixed media to be enlightening. Several of his creations have interesting descriptions or stories that expand the uniqueness of the piece.