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Some October favourites:

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Lorraine Smit’s wood and clay sculpture "Dreamer" is an engaging image of the head and upper torso of a young woman, eyes closed and head turned a little upwards, emerging out of /resting on an engraved piece of sleeper wood.   Lorraine says that the piece represents a young girl dreaming about the joys of tomorrow.   Her face is beautifully tranquil and blissful and when I first saw the image I took the wood to be a book, engraved lines representing pages, and imagined that the girl was contemplating something she had read or imagining herself within the novel. 

Looking at this piece further however, I was struck by how like an "earth goddess" she appears rising out of curving hills, her hair flowing down like waterfalls and her face rapt in ecstatic existance. The natural treatment of the materials, with little glazing of the clay or polishing of the wood seemed sympathetic to this perceived nature symbology.  It is interesting that a work about dreaming stimulates the viewer themselves to dream a little.  Interesting too that a sculpture about dreams should be mounted on "sleeper" wood.

This is a gentle and sensitive work and provokes calming and contemplative feelings – it is hard to gaze upon the gentle face without feeling dreamy and relaxed oneself.   This is a sculpture for a quiet room, such as a bedroom  where it can be enjoyed at leisure and fully appreciated in its subtle suggestions of rest.