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Some October favourites:

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Maristha Schellink’s piece "Towards light"  is a refreshingly unusual combination of  found objects, driftwood, metal, semi precious stones and paint.   This mixed media approach, using objects found in life to make an artistic statement  reflects Maristha’s statement that she wishes to reflect the good in the world, to portray light, movement and energy.

In this piece we have a three dimensional exploration of texture, colour and form, presenting a semi abstract landscape of sea, sky and moon.   The shapes of found objects suggest the patterns of waves lapping the shore and seem to reach towards the crystaline moon at the top of the piece, perhaps indicating the spritual journey towards the Light, as the title suggests.  

The background of textured paint is delicately incised with multiple spirals, strongly suggestive of ancient cave art, where one finds the spiral representing the initiatory journeys of life and death.    As a whole the piece has a sympathetic  tension between the feelings of movement and of stillness which are caused by the interplay of solid foreground objects and ethereal background patterning.

With its striking simplicity this work would look wonderful on a pure white wall, perhaps in a room with pale wood furniture, echoing the colours of the painting and drawing the viewer into its embrace.