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5 Essential Tips to Hang Original Oil Paintings

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Original paintings are priceless for the simple fact that you can’t have two of the same thing. Hence, they need utmost care and adept handling to ensure that they don’t get damaged and are able to manifest their beauty to the optimum. Sometimes little mistakes while hanging original paintings can curb their impact or worse can damage them completely.

It is important to take certain precautions while hanging an original painting, especially oil painting, in your home. Here are some easy to follow tips which you should consider while hanging your precious original oil painting:

  1. Avoid hanging the oil painting close to the shelves as anybody can knock it down while taking something out from the shelves.

  1. Hanging an oil painting over direct heat can cause severe damage to the painting. Hence never hang a painting over fire place, heater, or radiator. Similarly during winter months, don’t hang the oil painting in a well heated room.

  1. Never make the mistake of hanging an oil painting on a damp wall as the dampness would lead to the formation of mildew.

  1. It is almost fatal to hang the painting behind the door or in busy corridors. Also avoid hanging it in a place close to the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere near a swimming pool.

  1. Make use of high quality picture wire and don’t attach alarms to the back of the canvas or the panel. Instead always attach them to the back of the frames.

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Some October favourites:

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

"Human Angel"  by  Edna Fourie is a striking painting.   Although small and of a limited, ‘moody’ palatte, it is hugely atmospheric and full of archetypal potency.  Within a cloud of mist  a human figure struggles under the  weight of an enormous wing.  His head is hidden and all we can see of his human form is limbs straining under the weight, seeming to almost fall forwards. 

The detailed tonal modelling of the human form gives a strong feeling of movement, strength and burden and yet the wing, while huge, is detailed with soft feathers and seems too  delicate a thing to be causing such burden.

This piece is pregnant with spiritual and psychological metaphor.  One thinks of the journey of the soul, struggling towards self actualisation.   Here the figure has almost fallen under the weight of the wing, which appears dead rather than bearing the carrier up into the winds as one might expect.   Perhaps this is a metaphor for sin, or failure, or suffering.    In any case, despite the strength of the figure one is left with a sense of vulnerability and sadness.

In describing this work, the artist speaks of her fascination with bringing together ordinary things which then become visionary metaphors in the finished piece, which is very evident in this poignant and tender painting.   This would, I imagine, make a most fitting gift for someone with a philosophical or metaphysical turn of mind, being  both thought provoking and engaging.